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Spy World, Leading Spy Wireless Camera Shop in Delhi has Reduced its Prices, Grab the Deal Now

January 14, 2020
Wireless Spy Camera - Spy World

Summary: Spy World is a leading and reliable provider of safety gadgets i.e. wireless spy cameras has significantly reduced the prices of its collection. Visit the official website, place your order online, and grab the special deals.

January 14, 2020 , Kalkaji, New Delhi: New year's first month is about to finish soon but not the special deals and discount offers available on the official website of Spy World. With the beginning of 2020, the company has modified their vision and mission. Now, they aim to provide high-quality safety tools at the most reasonable price so that more and more people give their loved ones an assurance of safety. To reach out to their ultimate goal, they have reduced the spy wireless camera price along with other products..

If you are planning to buy a spy wireless camera for your house safety or protecting office property, then you must check out the following options available at affordable prices:

Discount: 33.34%

1. Power Bank WIFI 4K Spy Camera Night Vision Secret Audio Video Recorder 10000mAh: This spy camera is embedded in the power bank that can be used as a normal power bank as well. More features and benefits of this smart hidden camera have been listed below:

● This device can help you hear audio recordings in the real-time

● With the help of this device, you can take snapshots and record videos

● Images captured through this spy hidden camera can be flip horizontally as well as vertically

● Users can adjust the contrast and brightness to capture clear videos and audios

● You can transfer the videos and images recorded in the SD card to your PC or laptop and watch them later

Discount: 30.00%

2. Spy Table Wall Clock Hidden Camera 1080P with Motion Detection: This is a perfect option for kid's room and workplace to capture the activities going around. This wall clock can also be used to enhance the beauty of the room. Check out the features of this beautiful device listed here:

● This device is designed to capture the suspect even while on charging

● With motion detection feature, the device will record even the smallest activity taking place nearby the camera

● This camera is quite flexible in appearance and easy-to-carry

● You can use this device for longer hours without any interruption because of its high power battery capacity

● Since the device comes with unique point-to-point connection, it can effectively work even without a network connection

Discount: 31.00%

3. Spy Pen Camera wifi 1080P HD Mini P2P Wireless Hidden Camcorder Audio Video Recorder: This is one of the most common styles of spy cameras used by people for safety reasons. It is highly preferred by professionals but it can also be used for home safety as it has various amazing features including the ones listed here:

● This pen camera is so small but supports loop recording

● It is not just a spy camera but can be used as a dashboard camera recorder on bikes and cars as well

● This camera comes with a mini camcorder to capture clear and high quality audio and video recordings

● Whenever needed, you can take photos with this mini hidden camera

● You can download the respective app on your mobile phone to watch videos and listen to audios in the real-time

● You can capture as much as recording you want with this device by using a memory card a maximum up to 64GB

● The camera can be used as a normal pen to write notes etc. but it's built-in mic will help you capture crystal clear audios

Discount: 25.01%

4. 1080P HD Wireless Spy Hidden Camera Hat Covert Video Recorder Camera – 3 Hours: This is really a good option for you if your school goer child is going out for a picnic or usually attend tuition away from home. With the help of this device, you can keep your watchful eye over them even when you are not with them. It is possible because of the following features:

● When fully charged, it can record up to 7 days continuously with 1080P

● The device comes with an amazing capacity as it supports a micro SD card up to 64GB

● This is a DIY module of wireless camera. It means you can customise it as you want or as per your precise needs

Discount: 12.51%

5. WiFi P2P IP Wireless Spy Camera HD 1080P in Teddy Bear with Battery – 5 Hours: It is one of the best spy cameras for your child's safety available on Spy World and spy wireless camera price is also quite affordable. More details of this cute but extremely powerful and effective spy wireless camera have been mentioned here:

● A small pinhole mini camera is embedded in a cute teddy bear making it impossible to detect

● When fully charged, it can record up to 5 hours and up to 7-8 days with continuing power

● This storage capacity of this device can be extended up to 64GB with the help of a micro SD card

● The device can also be used as a decorative item

You can also grab this ongoing deal and maximise the benefits by ordering your order online. Cash on delivery is also available on online purchase. So, visit the official website now and buy your preferred spy wireless camera without going here and there and exploring relevant products. For free demo, book your visit now.


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